No matter where you’re at with faith or in life, you’re welcome here. We’re not a community that has it all figured out, but we are one that enjoys God’s grace. And we invite you to enjoy it with us.



No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously.
— Dave Barry

We have entered Ordinary Time in the Christian calendar and it also happens to be Father's Day on the American calendar. This will be our final week of focusing in the book of Psalms.

Let us not take ourselves so seriously as to think we can grasp reality. All evil stems from the belief that we can understand all things, that we can put the pieces of the whole puzzle together, that we can arrive at clarity. In fact, clarity is always an illusion. It is the erroneous absence of need, the end of dependence, the death of God. If we have clarity, we no longer need God. We have built Babel. In such a state, we may give God credit, but only in the past tense, as if his contribution has run its course. We'll take it from here, thank you very much. After all, we have clarity. May it never be so among us. Rather, may we always know this: There are chasms of mystery beyond us, transcendent realities to which we have no comprehending access, but only the chance to wonder and worship. Laughter and praise are the fitting offerings of dependent, beloved children. And so we are.