No matter where you’re at with faith or in life, you’re welcome here. We’re not a community that has it all figured out, but we are one that enjoys God’s grace. And we invite you to enjoy it with us.



Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.
— George Carlin

Children enter this world wide-eyed and curious. And when nurtured and protected, they’re sense of wonder mixes with developing skills and understanding to birth dreams. They want to be astronauts or rock stars or Olympians or all of the above. But then they outgrow the safety of parental nurture, and the world’s cruelties rain on their parade. Dreams become a casualty of maturity, filed away alongside unicorns and fairy tales in a folder of the mind marked “former naiveties”. Turns out, life isn’t fair or sensible or trustworthy. The celebrity public service announcements got it wrong: you can’t be whatever you put your mind to. But what if somewhere amid this abyss of disillusionment, there was something even better than dreams -- something that cynicism and apathy could never quench. What if everything weak and lowly and pitiful proved to be the very substance of hope. What if being a nobody placed us in the company of kings.