For Every Child and Child-at-Heart


Every Sunday morning, our kids’ time in the classroom opens up with the same “Call to Worship” song:

God is strong when we are weak
Hallelujah, we are His!
Our God seeks us when we go astray
Hallelujah, we are His!
Our God lifts the weight of sin
Hallelujah, we are His!

Once our kids split into their separate classrooms, our lessons--through reading and discussing a passage or story each week--highlight who God is in light of who we are as humans, and how we tend to behave. And, precisely because of who God is (often in direct contrast to who we are), we can rejoice in being joined to Him.

Last week, our older kids talked about Judas betraying Jesus. They talked about how Judas’ direct, blatant betrayal of Jesus was still not enough to overcome His love for us, and what He was willing to give to bring us into Himself. In the succinct paraphrase of our teacher from last week, “Even when we choose to go our own way instead of follow Jesus, our ‘darkness’ doesn't overpower Jesus' light. Just like Judas didn't really have the power to give this story a bad ending, neither does our sin.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the building every week, our youth cohort kids seek to listen and think about a few questions during service as well:

What names, adjectives or characteristics of God do you hear described through the sermon and service? What names, adjectives, or characteristics of people do you hear? Are there any ways you or someone you know have behaved in similar ways?

Whether in direct or indirect ways, a main goal for our children’s ministry is for the kids to leave each Sunday being reminded of who God is, of who we are, and that all of who Jesus is, is available to us as well. He is so unlike us. We fail to love each other well. We hurt each other. We flex our pride, and we make feeble attempts to put our best foot forward.

Hallelujah, we are His!

- Kaitlyn Kleffman, Children's Director