Year-End Giving

Last year at this time, our community was eagerly (and anxiously) preparing for a zoning hearing that would determine if 2219 W Grand Ave was to become our permanent church home. When the news of zoning approval landed in mid-December, we were relieved and challenged all at the same time. Relieved in that our efforts and lawyer fees to that point had not been in vain. Challenged in that we now faced the complexities and costs of a build-out project.

Watching our church rise to that challenge, in our own laid-back yet faithful Painted Door way, filled me with gratitude to be a member here. We raised about a third of our build-out costs through end-of-year donations before construction even began. And the gifts continued in the new year, steadily, quietly, without assistance from hype or fanfare.

A year later, we're all moved in, the build-out costs are paid, and we've begun collecting the sweet memories that turn a building into a home. We've also begun welcoming many new visitors. The increase in visibility to the neighborhood, which includes the first ever permanent sign in Painted Door history (only took us seven years), has given us more opportunity to practice hospitality.

That's a goal for the coming year, to grow in hospitality, to welcome people into the life of our church and to use our church home as a  sort of front door. And so, here now a year removed from the stress and challenge of a building project, we face what we might call a "homing project." Our space could use a bit of tender, loving, care, specifically in the form of proper lighting fixtures, more signage, and some furnishings and finishes to make things more warm and inviting.

All that to say, would you consider making a special, end-of-year gift toward this goal? There are many people to welcome and love. And God has us where he wants us to do just that, in our own laid-back yet faithful Painted Door way.

- Pastor Mark