Sunday, Mar 12 2017


Let all who are weary gather before the Lord our God.
He has been our dwelling place throughout all generations.
Praise be to God, our refuge

He is not bound by time or obligation. From everlasting to everlasting, He is God.
Praise be to God, our confidence

His righteousness reaches to the heavens. There is none like Him in all the earth.
Praise be to God, our hope

A thousand years in His sight are like a day that has just gone by. Before the mountains were born, He is God.
Praise be to God, our deliverance

Our God is a sovereign shepherd. He has gathered us up before, and will gather us again.
Praise be to God, our restoration. Amen.



Our Father, would you meet us?  You are our help, but we are narrow minded and near-sighted. We make much of ourselves and our circumstances.
Open our eyes, Lord. Teach us to see you

Our Father, would you forgive us? You have granted all blessing to us in your Son, but we long for lighter loads and less affliction.
Soften our hearts, Lord. Teach us to love you

Our Father, would you rescue us? You are the just and righteous one, but we don’t trust that you have answered the plight of our lives and world.
Forgive us, Lord. Teach us to hope in you

How is it that you, with all holiness and patience, met the sin of the world in love? How is it that Jesus pursued us even though the cost was His life? He was well acquainted with grief, but did not seek another way.
Have mercy on us, Lord. Teach us to trust you

Make us people of faith. Though all around us is dying, you are the God of newness and life. We are but dust, but your Kingdom will never end. 
Humble us, Lord. Teach us to number our days

You are including us in a story that is bigger than we can see. In these Lenten days, lead us into self-denial and anticipation of your resurrection.
When we are weary, you are our resting place. Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love. We look to you, Amen.

- authored by Liann Jensen