Sunday, Mar 26 2017


We are those you’ve gathered, the very ones you’ve delighted in and rescued.  We gaze at what you’ve done in the past, longing to believe you have not changed.
In God we will boast all the day, for we have heard of the goodness you have manifested towards our fathers.

With your own hand you drove out the nations to preserve and increase the progeny of Abraham.
In God we will boast all the day, for they trusted not in their sword but in you alone to deliver them.

You alone can rise up to help us.
In God we will boast all the day, for only you can redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love.

Let us give thanks to your name forever!



Father, your ways are strange to us. You plant faith in us through the very things we fight to avoid.
Yet you are sovereign and wise, knowing how best to sustain faith within us. Forgive us for insisting that you meet us on our terms.

We've tightened our grip on stories of old. We often would rather dwell on sweet memories of you than receive the trying places you have us now.
Yet you are immutable and faithful. Forgive us for fixating on how others' view our faith. Lead us to fix our eyes on you.

By your will, Father, your Son faced the cross. We confess, we often stand with those who called him to come down and saved himself. We'd prefer a savior who would lead us around humiliation, not through it.
Yet you are our true Savior, Lord. You endured the shame of the cross, trusting your Father even as you bore forsakenness and death. Now lead us in that life of trust.

Lord, Meet us in the foolishness of this Christian faith. And bear the embarrassment we cannot. For you have taught us that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame. Amen.

- authored by Carrie Thompson