Holy Monday Apr 10 2017


People of God, rejoice! Your King is here! He is Jesus, the true King of Israel!
Hosanna to the son of David!

Jesus is the promised one, the Savior we have longed for!
Hosanna in the highest heaven! Hosanna to Jesus our King!

Praise God! He has come! We celebrate and shout for joy to our God!
King Jesus, bring Israel to glory! Show us the power of God! Set us free that we may flourish as your people!

Gentle and riding a donkey, he comes.
We are stirred to worship, for in Jesus we see the ancient words of prophecy fulfilled. We are stirred, for this gentle King brings us hope that a new day is dawning!

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
Come, Lord Jesus! Establish us as your people. May we never seek out another ruler or judge, but ever follow you!

Jesus, lead us into your Kingdom. We know you are from God and we delight to call you King. We lay everything before you.
May your kingdom come!

- authored by Erin Bourne