Holy Tuesday Apr 11 2017


Let all the earth be silent before the Lord our God. 
Though we accuse Him of being far off, He is our Shepherd.
Though we trust in our efforts, He is our salvation.
Though we deny Him, He is our peace.
When death loomed before Him, he did not look for an escape.
When he was wrongfully accused, He did not seek vindication. 
When the wrath of God was upon Him, He bore it unto death. 
Who is like him in all the earth?
Where else can hope be found?

Our Father, as we prepare to worship, teach us to forsake our self-preserving and self-exalting thoughts. 
We need to be saved in the name of the one who gave himself over to death to defeat it.
He is Jesus: our perfect sacrifice, and the light of the World. 

We look to Him, Amen.

- authored by Liann Jensen