Sunday Apr 23 2017


O Lord, in your strength we rejoice, and in your salvation we exult you with praise.
You have given life to us, Father. You have placed crowns on our heads and poured out rich blessings upon us.

O Lord, you have chosen us as your people and called us your own. You have clothed us with salvation and anointed us with mercy. You have equipped us with strength and secured our feet.
Our hearts shout for joy as we consider your steadfast love. Our whole beings rejoice as we look to our rock and our deliverer.

Church, let us set the Lord ever before us, for he is good and his throne endures forever and ever.
Hosanna, Hosanna to the Lord on high. Praise be to our King.

In his presence there is fullness of joy. At his right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Hosanna, Hosanna to the Lord on high. Praise be to our King. 


Merciful Father, you have called us your own and secured for us a place to stand. You have delivered us from our own devices and given us a beautiful inheritance.
Yet, we stand here today without allegiance or loyalty--choosing to be kings of our own desires, belongings and relationships, instead of kneeling before your holy throne.

Forgive us for our ignorance and distrust. Forgive us for our wavering minds and hearts. Give us the strength to call upon your name and the courage to confess our weaknesses to you.
Teach us to trust you, Father, for you will answer us when cry for help and deliver us from our enemies. You will fulfill our hearts and save us from our own destruction.

The Lord is righteous and just, yet merciful and gentle. He will not abandon us or turn his face from us. He extends his eternal love and grace to us in our time of need and shields us from death. He lightens the darkness that so easily overwhelms us and equips us with his mighty armor.
Let these assurances resonate in our souls and dwell in our hearts forever. Hosanna, Hossana to the Lord on high. Praise be to our King.

- authored by Allie Watson