Sunday May 14 Confession


Father, we confess that we try desperately to erase fear, shame, and death from our experience.
When poverty, loss, or embarrassment find us,
we see how much hope we place in earthly things.

We search for wisdom apart from you and try to secure the lives we want.
Forgive us, for truly our only wisdom is to cast ourselves upon the you.

Gracious Lord, you have seen our desperation and have answered our cries.
We sought flimsy forms of shelter, but you have offered us yourself as a refuge.

In your care we are safe, for you came to us in the terror of the night
and suffered it for us.
Under your wing we are secure,
for you endured the blows of shame and condemnation for us.

Jesus, we see the greatness of your mercy and faithfulness to us in the cross.
Our fear and shame were crucified and buried with him.
As surely as he lives, we are eternally cared for.

Forgive us, Lord, for thinking that we will do better for ourselves.
Remind us, Lord, that you alone give life.
You provide bread for your people,
even when your own body must break for our nourishment.

Forgive our attempts to make ourselves worthy of love
and to make our lives significant.
Remind us of your promise to all who would find rest in you:
the Lord redeems the life of his servants.

We need not toil to make something of ourselves,
for you set your own great name upon us.
Our only boast is in the name of the Lord.
Praise be to God, for he has called us his own!

Samantha Connour