Sunday July 16 Confession


We come to you Lord God, for we are weary of the way things are.
Forgive us, Lord, for we have blamed you for the injustice we see all around us. 

This world’s promises have amounted to nothing, 
and in our disappointment we have despised your creation. 
Forgive us Father, for you so loved the world, that you sent us your own son. 

Some of us are disappointed to find that we have cherished the things you call “foolish.”
The world’s praise of intelligence, power, success, and material gain has drawn us in. 
Lord God, we confess that we have often pursued our own glory. 

Some of us are disappointed that we seem to have no place here, no measurable success,
no remarkable intelligence or knowledge, no external recognition or importance. 
Lord God, we confess that we have longed for this world to approve of us. 

Yet Lord, you call us out of our illusions and our disappointment, and into yourself. 
In you, Jesus, we find the birth of a new kind of kingdom in our very midst. 

In your weakness, poverty, suffering, and selflessness, Lord Jesus, 
the values of our flesh are utterly crushed. 
Your love surpasses all our understanding. 

Father God, your perfect wisdom is Christ. He is for us. He is ours. 
Surely you have given us every good thing. 

We are your people, and your kingdom is our true home. 
King Jesus, may our faith become sight.