Sunday July 9 Confession


Lord Jesus, we confess that we have made an idol of achievement. 
Our lives are a never-ending scramble to be seen as perfect – 
perfectly successful, perfectly happy, perfectly curated on our social media.
Congregation: Lord, remind us of the truth. Remind us of your call in Jesus Christ. 

We are a people weary with fear of failure.
We forget each day that this life is temporary and that our true home is with you, Lord. 
Heavenly father, humble our hearts and remind us that we are your children. 

We cling so dearly to our list of accomplishments. Help us to count them all as loss. 
Remind us of the power of your resurrection, Lord, 
that we may share your sufferings and become like you in death. 

Lord, you are a good and gracious King. Your achievements have no end, 
and all creation is in your hands. We have no need but you. 
Thank you Lord Jesus.
You have conquered death so that we may forget our earthly successes and follow you. 

You alone are our salvation.