Sunday July 23 Confession


Heavenly Father, the life of this world is a life of suffering.
Everywhere we look there is brokenness, sin, and pain.
We confess that we are a people prone to hopelessness in dark places.
We cannot see a way out of our despair.

In our grief and anguish, we turn to worldly vices, staring blankly at TV screens,
numbing our minds with drink, eating ourselves into comfort. We are in need of your Grace.
Lord, remind us that we will never be abandoned. 

In our pain, we believe it is up to us.
That we alone carry the weight of the world.
That we alone are left to fix it.
Lord, remind us that your love is sustaining.
Remind us that in you, all is possible. 

Father, for your people, you endured the weight of all sin, past and present.
You are both the Shepherd and the Lamb. You are the everlasting Light.
We lay our burdens at your feet that you may take them up. 
We praise the Light, for we have seen the darkness. Grant us your peace. Amen.