Sunday July 23 Call to Worship


Body of Christ, let us prepare our hearts to receive the Lord, Giver of Life, Healer and Redeemer.
Lord, open our hearts and minds to receive your Word.

He is the Alpha and the Omega. Through Him, we have everlasting life.
Let our hands and feet be ready to worship you, Lord.

He is the Father and the Sacrificial Lamb. In him, all things begin and end. He is Creator of all things, and we beloved characters in the tale of His glory.
Lord, let words of praise spring from our lips. Let songs of praise pour from our mouths.

The Lord God is our Savior, our only need.
We are sustained by His hands and nourished by His word.
Heavenly Father, we gather to worship in need of your sustaining love.
Still our minds and grant peace to our souls as we hear your Word.