Sunday July 2 Confession


Merciful father, we come to you with the weight of shame on our backs. It is so heavy that we are reluctant to come to you, reluctant even to bring to mind what causes our shame.
Forgive us, Lord, for your mercy is great.

We so often hide ourselves away rather than bare our shame to you, and in doing so, we are eaten away by it.
Expose us, Lord. Bring us out of our hiding and into your presence. 

When we hide, we hurt not only ourselves, but others also: our families, friends, and neighbors.
Forgive us, Lord, and give us strength to bare our weaknesses to one another.

Why is the weight of sin so heavy? Why does the need to hide feel so strong?
Free us from the weight of sin, Lord. Lead us by the hand into the new life you’ve promised us.

Church, let us drink fully this cup of sorrow—sharing our pain, faultiness, and inadequacy with one another, knowing that when we do this, God leads us through sorrow and into joy.
Thanks be to God, our joy and our salvation. Amen.