Sunday July 30 Confession


Merciful God, we are overcome with the weight of the world
-- with shame, numbness, and darkness.
Our souls long to be whole,
but we turn from what would make us whole again and again.

Too often we retreat into familiar behaviors that keep us guarded and safe,
but cause a slow decay within us.
We repent of this way of living, Lord.
Forgive us and help us turn. 

We believe that we are not enough, so we scramble to make our lives look good to others,
or to feel ok with ourselves.
Will we always be afflicted by the need to prove ourselves worthy?
Deliver us from our stubbornness, Lord.

The Lord does not want us to prove ourselves.
The Lord welcomes us into himself just as we are
-- inadequate, incomplete, and broken.
The Lord is working in our brokenness to bring about our healing,
and the healing of the world.
How can we hold on to this truth, God?
Let us grow deep roots into the soil of your love,
trusting you and bearing fruit in season. Amen.