Sunday Aug 20 Confession


Lord, we have valued accomplishment and efficiency, certain that our strategic efforts will amount to something.
Forgive us for trusting ourselves as gods.

Lord, we have judged for ourselves what is worth our time and what is worthless.
Forgive us for trusting our own judgments instead of yours.

We have been preoccupied feeding our egos and our comfort. The kingdoms we pour our time and resources into are already crumbling.
Forgive us for rejecting your kingdom, and toiling after fleshly rewards.

We come humbly before you, our maker and redeemer.
We acknowledge that your ways often seem strange to us.

We confess that we are blind to so many aspects of your kingdom.
Jesus, open the eyes of our hearts.

King Jesus, you are attuned to every need, yet still you delight in extravagant beauty.
Jesus, may your splendor captivate our hearts.

Lord, you even invite us into your kingdom, bidding us taste, see, enjoy!
May your loving acceptance eternally satisfy our souls.