Sunday Aug 6 Confession


Jesus, we are afraid that the lack we feel in the world is true. 
We do not trust your abundance.

We barely believe your life is extended to us, 
let alone to our brothers and sisters.

Don’t you remember us, God? 
We have been stretched to our breaking points. 
We are tired, hungry, thirsty, dirty, and poor. 

We are beggars! All we have left to give is ourselves! 
Can our weary bodies bear it? 

Broken and bruised, Jesus is here. 
Jesus, only your body can bear us. 

We confess, for all of our supposed lack, we are drowning, 
no, drowned in your abundance. 
Sweet Jesus, all that is yours is ours: 
Teach us who we are in you, that we, your body, 
might know your abundance and share it with each other.