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Notes: May 7, 2017


The Diaconate meeting on the first Sunday of every month for a lunch meeting, childcare provided, following the Sunday service. Here are a list of the meeting for the remainder of the year: 

- NO JUNE MEETING (due to Members Meeting on June 4)
- July 2
- August 6
- September 3
- October 1
- November 5
- December 3


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ELDERS                              Mark Bergin
                                           Wes Oaks
ELDER CANDIDATE          Morgan Gagne

STAFF:                               Samantha Connour: Operations Director/Music & Arts
                                          Kaitlyn Kleffman: Children's Director
                                          Morgan Gagne: Janitor
                                          Tyler Wales: Audio Tech

CG LEADERS                    Morgan and Tami Gagne: Berwyn
                                          Alice Lin & Dan Kim: Humboldt Park
                                          Mark Bergin: Wicker Park, Hosted by Ian & Heather Cull
                                          Jordan Koczot & Samantha Connour: UK Village
                                          Mike & Ashley LaHood: Noble Square
                                          Liann & Kyle Jensen: Coordinators for Northside Group

TEAM LEADS                    Tyler Jackson: Facilities
                                           Josh & Marla Wang: Hospitality
                                          Ashley LaHood/Samantha Connour: Sunday Floor Managers
                                          Mike Darnell: Finance Team/Offering Team
                                          Wes Oaks: Readers
                                          Mark Bergin: Liturgy Team/Preaching Cohort
                                          Jason Mok & McKenzie Sauser: Connection Team
                                          Cassie Whitstone: Calendar Wizard
                                          Stan Dyl: Scriptorium