September 2009

In the early 2000s, Christian leaders throughout North America began emphasizing the need to form new churches in major cities — churches that could offer Christ to the diverse and dynamic populations of urban centers. In September 2009, Pastor Mark Bergin and his wife Acacia were among the many young ministers who responded to this call, moving from Seattle to Chicago to plant a church.

April 2010

The Painted Door to begin holding weekly worship gatherings in April, 2010. And soon thereafter, the church moved into its first permanent home, an abandoned storefront in the Chicago West Town Neighborhood. Over the next two-plus years, the congregation attracted members with wide-ranging visions of church life and struggled to determine just what sort of community it would be.

November 2012

By November 2012, the church relocated its weekly worship gatherings to Wells High School a few blocks away from the old storefront. The congregation had largely settled into rhythms of church life that shape the community to this day. These rhythms reflect a growing affection for the ancient forms and creeds of the Christian faith, a willingness to endure messy community rather than clean it up with church programs, and an emphasis on forgiveness and suffering as the center of life in Jesus.

February 2017

After 5 years at Wells High School, it was time to put down roots. After renovating the space according to the needs of our growing congregation, we moved into our current location at 2219 West Grand Avenue. In our permanent space for the forseeable future, we hope you will join us as we continue to pursue living in the the grace of Jesus in the midst of a tiring world.