The Painted Door Church exists to participate in the life and death of Jesus. 

No matter where you’re at with faith or in life, you’re welcome here. We’re not a community that has it all figured out, but we are one that enjoys God’s grace. And we invite you to enjoy it with us.

Jesus liberates sinners with forgiveness and joins hurting people in their suffering. Our church participates in these ministries of Christ by offering the freedom of his forgiveness and extending the compassion of his suffering. 

We're all sinners, and we've all been sinned against. The healing we need is not found in self-loathing or bitterness or people getting what's coming to them. Rather, it's found in forgiveness.

God has forgiven the whole world. And as we embrace his forgiveness for ourselves or offer it to others, we experience freedom. 

Likewise, we all suffer, both from our failures and from how others fail us. There is no escaping pain in this world. But there is great comfort in not facing it alone. And we are not alone. God has joined us in our suffering. He knows our hurts and carries them with us. This compassion heals us and teaches us to love hurting people.