The Psalter of Jesus: Reduced to Forgiveness // Psalm 32

Sins cannot be undone, only forgiven.
— Igor Stravinsky

Every victim of betrayal or cruelty knows that forgiveness is near impossible to give. But when the roles reverse and we are the perpetrator of betrayal or cruelty, we are surprised to discover that forgiveness is just as hard to receive. God has done the near impossible in laying down his life to forgive sinners. Now, the question is whether those sinners will receive it. Many will not, since the experience of being forgiven reduces our standing in the world; it undercuts our significance and demotes our egos. Yet, for those driven to a place where forgiveness offers the only way out, this humiliation becomes the doorway into blessing. Forgiveness demands that we give up hope in the goodness and grandeur of ourselves. And having relinquished such dead and empty hopes, we are free to discover the fullness and life of hope in the Forgiving One.

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