The Psalter of Jesus: Rooted in a Story // Psalm 78

To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.
— Simone Weil

In the incarnation, God did not burst into the world out of nowhere. He was born of a woman, given a name, and therein inextricably connected to a family and national identity that stretched back generations. When God became a man, he rooted himself in human history. The stories of the Israelites became his heritage. Their longings become his longings. Their hopes, his hopes. Jesus attached his well-being, his vocation, and his destiny to a people and a place. And everything he did sprung up from there. In fact, God had prepared this people and place specifically for his Son to be rooted in. Never mind that Israelite history was riddled with unfaithfulness. Never mind that the Jews rejected Jesus as their messiah. Never mind that this story of his life led him to crucifixion. Despite all that, Jesus never tried to escape his roots. He never tried to write a different story for himself. He remained true to who he was and faced all that came along with it. And ultimately, his roots yielded life as the story ended in resurrection.

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