The Psalter of Jesus: Trust or Bust // Psalm 23

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.
— Corrie ten Boom

We know far less about the world and our lives than we admit to others or even ourselves. We prefer to pretend that with enough careful observation and rational thought, we can discern the dangers and opportunities around us. In fact, our condition is far more desperate than that. We are as drivers caught in a dense fog with only the next few yards of road lines visible ahead. To depend on only what we can see will bring sure ruin. But we are not alone in this journey. The Lord of the fog is with us and for us. He makes no promise that he will burn away the mist to grant us clarity, nor that he will clear obstacles to spare us from calamity. What he does promise is to love us, preserve us, and  finally lead us home. No fables. No propaganda. Just trustworthy promises from a trustworthy God.

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