Aug 14 2016 // God Throws a Party // Matthew 22:1-14

There is only one God, maker and king of the heavens and the earth. But for all that glory and power and prestige, he's no elitist. In fact, in social engagements, he's happy to slum it. He throws parties that would make other deities blush. And he spares no expense for food and drink so fine that his boorish guests couldn't appreciate it if they tried. Jesus spoke in parable of such a party, where the king opened his doors to anyone who would come. And when only riffraff arrived, reeking of whatever gutters and taverns they'd crawled from, the host had little choice but to bring out fine new clothes. Even the most disreputable kings would have their guests feel refreshed for meal time. So then, when one man declined the new outfit, he suffered the same terrible judgment as those who had declined the invitation altogether. God is no elitist. All are welcome in his home and freely given proper dress to be there. But that may be bad news for some, since his home includes every corner of the heavens and the earth; and he has plans to make it all shine.