Aug 21 2016 // A Maddening Judgment // Luke 18:1-8

What right does a judge have to ignore evidence and rule on the basis of whim? Such a judge would not remain on the bench for long. Public outcry would demand a resignation. And so it goes in the story of God. Jesus compared his Father to an unrighteous judge, one who renders verdicts according to his desires rather than the merits of a case. Jesus said this judge, like his Father, is one who disregards reputation and forfeits position, if only to be spared hearing plaintiffs blather on with their self-justifying arguments any longer. Turns out, God is not interested in weighing what the parties in his court deserve. He means to rule in their favor, no matter the cost to himself or his family. And that cost has proven quite high. God has lost the public's respect and been rejected by those more upright than him. He has suffered great shame and wound up slumming for friends among sinners. Yet for all that, the queue outside his courthouse still stretches around the block as earnest citizens take turns making their case to an empty room. The verdict is already in: There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!