Aug 28 2016 // To Weed or Not to Weed // Matthew 13:24-30

Our world teems with beauty and goodness and food. It is a verdant, lush field, planted by its Master. Many of the creatures who walk the pathways of this field eat its produce and are filled with life. But the Master has an enemy who sows weeds among the crops, and leads many creatures into sickness and even death. What is to be done? The servants of the Master long to rid the field of its weeds, to restore it to its proper glory. Yet the Master will not bless their efforts. "Let the wheat and weeds grow together," he tells them. "And I will sort it out in the end." These are hard words for his servants to hear. They see the pain and sorrow that the weeds cause. And plucking just a few here or there seems such a ready solution. "No," the Master says, "You're no good at farming and will wind up destroying too much wheat by mistake."