July 24 2016 // Judgment's Judgment / Matthew 18:21-35

Cries for justice feel so right as they rush from our guts into the air of this unjust world. They feel right, because they are right. When we have been wronged or witnessed some wrong, it's as though all the cosmos lifts its voice with us in a chorus of indignation. This is the problem of forgiveness. How can we shut our mouths when our words drip with righteous judgments and demand that the world be made better. Why should we even care to try? It is only when we find ourselves standing opposite that chorus, looking down the barrel of cosmic judgments against our own misdeeds, that we are pressed to search the skies for something kinder than justice. And to our great surprise, when we care to look closely, the chorus of the heavens turns out to be mercy. Jesus invites the world to sing this new and foolish song, lest we cling to our rightness and remain forever out of tune with life himself.