June 26 2016 // The Goodness Veil // Matthew 25:31-46

God alone possesses the knowledge of good and evil. And the attempts by his creatures to grasp it from him have proven ruinous. There will come a day when God unveils fully what he calls good and what he calls evil. Until that day, the veil continues to obscure this knowledge from us. So then, much of what we think good will turn out to be evil, in the eyes of God. And likewise, much of what we think evil will turn out to be good. The truth is, we cannot ever be sure whether we are doing good or doing evil. We are too blind. But we can respond to God's revelation of himself in faith. Apart from me, you can do nothing, he tells us. To trust these words is to cast yourself onto God's Christ, to depend with all you are on his kind acts toward you and his loving acts through you. The people of God are sheep, their only hope found in the good shepherd who leads them.