Sept 11 2016 // A Fitting Celebration // Luke 15:11-32

The Kingdom of Heaven is not like our kingdoms here on earth. In our kingdoms, goods and services are exchanged according to their value. To acquire something, one must pay something. This transactional economy requires careful attention to worth and merit. We must determine the value of things in order to rightly do business. But in the Kingdom of Heaven, business is done quite differently. This is due to all the riches of heaven belonging to a most generous God who shares them freely and indiscriminately. He gives everything away without regard to repayment or who is more deserving. So then, in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no reason to track worth or merit. That careful practice of determining value, which we have so long mastered here, will be of no help to us there. In fact, all judgments of our own value will be trampled in a rush of extravagant, heavenly celebration -- a fitting end to us all.