Sept 25 2016 // The Joy of Getting Caught // Luke 15:1-7

God made all people to live in relationship with him and harmony with one another. The fracturing of that beautiful world is borne of human rebellion, our rejection of dependence on God and insistence that we can forge a life on our own. Nevertheless, God cares for his creatures. He loves us and comes to save us. He is the Good Shepherd, who will risk everything to chase down even a single wayward sheep. And when he catches us, the angels sing. In our running from God, we never wanted to get caught. We dreaded it. Yet somehow, the heavenly celebration of the moment can turn our dread into dancing. The music of God can sweep as up into hope and faith and remembrance of who we were made to be. This is salvation, when repentance becomes our song and death in Jesus our new life.