Sept 4 2016 // The King's Treasure // Matthew 13:44-46

These two parables occur so quickly you could easily just pass them by in the text.  But they both speak a potent message of the abundant joy at the heart of the hidden mystery of Christ.  The mystery is hidden, not because it is a secret, but because it is so much at odds with the predilections and reasonings of the human heart and society.  It is hidden, because it is does not seem to fit our framework of cause and effect; and so we keep blindly operating as if it does not exist.  But when someone does discover it, the deal seems so good that it can scarcely be believed.  Even at the cost of literally everything, it seems but a small price to pay.  No buyer’s remorse, no second thoughts; acquiring this treasure is unequivocally worthwhile and satisfying.  And to pile mystery upon mystery, this treasure people so gladly pay everything for?  It is being given away for free.