May 15 2016 // Test Yourselves // 2 Corinthians 13:1-10

At Pentecost, God poured out his Spirit on all flesh, sharing the life and humanity of Christ with the whole world. But the world does not readily receive him. We resist, fighting to preserve our independent lives, to hold up our private dreams and comforts. We don't want the weakness of Christ to overtake us or make us new. We'd rather be a miserable somebody than a joyful nobody. And so we look for teachers and leaders that will allow us to justify our self-preservation. The Apostle Paul was no such teacher or leader. He insisted on death to self and life in Christ. And he would not abide people deluding themselves into thinking they could have Christ without his cross. "Test yourselves," he wrote to the Corinthians, charging them to see and acknowledge whether Jesus was their all.