May 22, 2016 // The Trinitarian Life // 2 Corinthians 13:11-14

God is one, yet he is three. He is a complete and whole communion, in whom there is distinction without division, submission without subjugation, authority without hubris.  This life of the Trinity is perfect love, not some abstract ideal but a lived out reality. The relationships between Father, Son, and Spirit are the definition of love. And there is no such thing as love apart from them. Creation, then, is an invitation for other beings to join into the divine dance, to exist within the triune communion. And re-creation, the rescue of a world that has rejected that communion, demonstrates that God's invitation stands. Live in me, He says. Share in my life, my love, my being. And not as fourth, fifth, or sixth persons of the triune communion, but as participants in the second person, as one flesh with the Son of God. All the contours and texture of divine life and love are at hand for the body of Christ. Every resource of the cosmos is ours to overcome division, subjugation, and hubris. We are partakers of the Trinitarian life. Nothing can separate us from God or one another.