The One Man: New Humanity Realized / Romans 5-8

There is no greater truth than this, that ‘we can do nothing of ourselves,’ yet nothing but our own experience can effectually teach it to us. Indeed, we are a long time in learning that all our strength and salvation is in God.
— David Brainerd

Real rescue from God has broken into history. And his name is Jesus. In him, we are no longer under the wrath of God, no longer slaves to sin, no longer cursed with the burden of the law, no longer sentenced to death. In Jesus, we are new creations, participants in divine righteousness, partakers of divine freedom, and recipients of divine life, also known as life eternal. All these treasures, all this salvation, is given freely in Christ. By faith, his humanity is realized in us. 


Spirit of God, gather us together to enjoy the new humanity that’s been lavished on us in Christ.
We come as those justified by faith. 

Spirit, lead us to believe that we now have peace with God through Christ. 
We come as those who have been freely reconciled. 

Spirit, remind us of the grace that abounds for all in Christ. 
We come as those united to the Resurrected One. 

Spirit, grant us faith to know newness of life as we are now dead to sin and alive to God through Christ.
We come as those who are now beloved children. 

Spirit, intercede for us that we’d be truly confident that we are free from condemnation in Christ. 
Spirit of God, help us rejoice



Lord Jesus, you have rescued us into a new humanity by crucifying our old sinful flesh, putting it to death and raising us with you. And yet we find ourselves holding onto our flesh, participating in that which leads to death, as if we are still slaves to sin. 
We confess that we’re often numb, preferring our old ways of living. Yet even in our rebellion, grace abounds all the more, for sin has no dominion.  

In Christ we are free from the law of sin and death. Your Spirit dwells in us, testifying that we are children of God, freed from condemnation.
We confess that we’ve grown faithless, forgetting who we are and being quick to condemn. Teach us to consider ourselves and one another dead to sin and alive to God in Christ.  

Your Spirit helps us in our weakness, bearing witness that we are coheirs with Christ. Surely you’re working all things out for our good.
We confess that we’ve lacked hope, forgetting the glory to come, wearied by the struggles of this life. Grant us patience as we await the redemption of our bodies and of creation.

Give us eyes of faith to know that our life is hidden in you. “Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.”  Amen.