Holy Week Reflections: Maundy Thursday

Today we reflect on Maundy Thursday, which commemorates the Last Supper and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.


Children, come and receive Jesus Christ.
He has come wearing flesh, the one mediator between God and man,
offering peace with God in Himself.
Take and eat and delight in fellowship with your Father. 
He has come drawing near to sinners,
offering life to the very ones who would doubt and betray him.
His life of obedience and faith is given freely, repent and believe!
Drink and rejoice, Christ’s righteousness is yours!
He has come taking sin upon himself, submitting to the way of the cross, crucifying and resurrecting our fallen humanity. 
Come and live in his resurrected life, for this is his body and blood given for you.
Children, come and behold our self-giving Lord. 
May we trust in the true nourishment of this feast that leads to eternal life. 


Call to Worship - Carrie Thompson
Matthew 26:17-30 - Liann Jensen
Reflection on Maundy Thursday - Confesor Martinez
"Help My Unbelief" - written by Samantha Connour
Benediction - Wes Oaks 

music mixed & mastered by Alec Watson
produced at edited by David MacKay