Holy Week Reflections: Good Friday

On Good Friday we reflect on the day Jesus willingly suffered and died by crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.


What we wanted was simple:
A political revolution
The payment of our bills
The fixing of our oh so mundane problems
A genie and a self help book
Instead He gave a cross
Two unlikely pieces of wood
And a man to hang there
A crown of thorns
The king of Jews
With a kingdom unseen, untouched
So quickly did we give Him up
Still give Him up
Abandoned the man who came to testify to the Truth
A Truth that gets stuck in our throats
Catches in our mouths
We can barely comprehend it
Struggle to say it
Fail to believe it
We heap blame
With Stockholm syndrome we prefer our cage
Like babies we are dependent on Him to feed us
Yet used the breath He gave us to find Him superfluous
But it is finished. 
Pierced feet, pierced hands
The blood-stained son of man
Who traded his perfection for our sin
His righteousness for our selfishness
And these two unlikely pieces of wood
Become a symbol of his sacrifice
A picture of what love looks like
More painful than we can bare to witness
So real it stirs our hearts within us
It is that blood-stained son of man
Who traded his perfection for our sin
We have no need for genies.   

Call to Worship - Cassandra Fowler
John 18:1-19:42 - Acacia Bergin
Reflection on Good Friday - David MacKay
"Kingdom's Kin" - written by Kaitlyn Kleffman
Benediction - Wes Oaks

music mixed & mastered by Alec Watson
produced at edited by David MacKay