Good News for All People / Col 2:8-3:4

The gospel is entirely a message about what someone else has done not only for me but also for the renewal of the whole creation.
— Michael Horton

Jesus is good news for all people. We see it in his incarnation, his atonement, his resurrection. He took up residency here among us and flipped the script on us: the power structures and motivations of his present time didn’t seem to hold sway on him--he lived in an upside down sort of way. He embodied perfection, too; the religious leaders were always trying to corner him on something with no success--he lived at peace with God from the inside out in a sort of way that people were drawn to. He also thought he was rich. No, he was wholeheartedly convinced that the power and glory of his Father was present even though it led him into death. Yes, Jesus lived an inside out, upside down, now but not yet life; he is Lord of us all, and that is good news indeed.


We gather as those who were once alienated and hostile to you.
Yet now by your death we are reconciled! 
Thanks be to you, Lord Christ! 

As those formerly marked by sin and our evil deeds, 
we come looking for our salvation. 
In you we are made blameless and pure. 
You are the good news we’ve been searching for! 

This gospel is for all, let it be proclaimed to all creation under heaven. 
Peace has come by the blood of your cross! 
Come and teach us to sing of this, Lord Christ!



Father, we’re experts at making up religion, creating requirements and dos and don’ts for ourselves and the rest of the world. We’ve grown convinced that our rules for saving humanity are worth holding onto.
Come and save us from our self-sufficiency! May we taste a sweeter salvation and trust in you for life.

We’ve preferred our own efforts at depriving our flesh and doing good to the story of your Son becoming man and dying for the sins of the world.
Come and give us ears to hear the glorious news: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again!

We confess the ways we’ve grown dull to this story, forgetting its power, doubting its reality.
Come and make us like children, eager to trust you and giddy at the chance to share in you. Grant us faith to hope in these things and to offer them to the worl