Good News for The Painted Door Church / Romans 12:1-21

Never look for justice in this world, never cease to give it.
— Oswald Chambers

Our country is divided. Rage and fear abound. And people line up across these divisions convinced of their righteous position. Are we convinced, too? Is The Painted Door Church convinced that we are among those who get it? That we are among the enlightened, the compassionate, the inclusive? God forbid that such delusion would fog our minds and hearts. A record of misdeeds towers in our wake. We have no moral high ground. In the wretched public theater of American race relations, we are complacent villains. Yet, this condemnation and folly has no power to define our future. We are not subject to its demands for atonement. Nor do we have any reason to spin our wheels in self-justification. We are guilty and forgiven, shameful and covered. Repentance is ours. We are free to be new. 


Beloved of God, come together in the unity that you share with one another.
Lord, We come to this place as many members of the same body. 

Our God is a loving Father, who has given us His Spirit that we may be patient and wait for the return of His son Jesus. 
Lord, we will rejoice in the hope that we have in You. 

As we live and move in our weakened frames, let us present ourselves as living sacrifices. 
Lord, may our lives be holy and acceptable spiritual worship offered to you. 

Though we walk amid darkness and gloom, we have light within us shining forth into this world. 
Lord, let our love be genuine, our hope joyful, and our prayer constant. 

Beloved of God, do not be overcome by evil. Your Lord has overcome death and woe. 
Lord, we will not be overcome by evil, but will overcome evil with Your good. Amen. 



Father above, we come before you weak and worried at the calamities that surround us in this world. Help us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
Lord, show us your mercy. Change our minds.

Though we are a blessed people with nearly every need cared for, we are stingy with the blessings you've given us. Help us. Teach us to care for the needs of one another, as you care for us.
Lord, show us your mercy. Change our hands.

Rather than marveling at the mosaic of our neighborhoods, city, country, and world, we are divided by our differences, huddling in niche communities. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves.
Lord, show us your mercy. Change our hearts.

As the world groans and shifts, we forget the ever-constant presence of your Spirit. We are tossed about by fads and fashions, rushing to position ourselves on the bleeding edge of every issue. Help us to see You. Teach us to hold fast to what is good.
Lord, show us your mercy. Change our wills.

Rather than outdoing one another in doing good, we do just enough to be respectable in the eyes of the world around us. Help us to see the folly of our ways and love one another with true affection.
Lord, show us your mercy. Change our spirits. Amen.