The One Man: Slaves to Righteousness / Romans 6:15-23

The paradox is that God must destroy in us all illusions of righteousness before he can make us righteous.
— Martin Luther

There are objective aspects to our faith and there are subjective aspects to our faith. It is both safe and dangerous. Free and spoken for. The free gift of union with Jesus Christ is not meant to belittle, or make void, the moment by moment mess that is the individual experience of grace. It makes experience safe. It makes experience alive. It makes experience begin and end in the love of our heavenly Father, not a Divine taskmaster. But also dangerous. This union with Christ does not take away from our upward call into glory, rather, the Cross unleashed the very Divine Lifeblood that makes us alive and carries us upward. This Divine Life is Cross shaped, heals through death, saves souls by losing lives. Surrender and be sanctified.