Volunteering at The Painted Door

Every Sunday when we gather, there are a number of "house chores" that need to be completed to create a safe, welcoming and meaningful gathering. We are grateful for widespread participation from our regular attendees as we all pitch in together, but there are always a few teams that could use a couple of extra hands to serve once a month. Please consider joining a team!

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Volunteering Needs

Our Volunteers serve approximately once a month on these various teams. 

  • FACILITIES TEAM: Setting up and tearing down hallway stations, children's rooms and stage setup for our Sunday gatherings

    • Audio Set Up: Setting up sound equipment, cables and cords on Sunday mornings before sound check. No sound experience necessary! 
    • Sound Board: Running the soundboard for soundcheck and during our Sunday service
  • MEDIA TEAM: Setting up the media equipment (projector and computer) and running ProPresenter during the service
  • HOSPITALITY TEAM: Brewing coffee and setting up the communion tables on Sunday mornings
  • OFFERING TEAM: Gathering and and counting the Sunday giving and donations
  • CONNECTION TEAM: Greeting at the entrance on Sunday mornings and managing the Info Tables
  • VOLUNTEER CARE TEAM: Scheduling volunteers and recruiting new volunteers
    • Nursery: Caring for our babies and preschoolers
    • 4-6 Yr Old Teachers
    • 4-6 Yr Old Helpers
    • 7-9 Yr Old Teachers
    • 7-9 Yr Old Helpers
    • Kid Check-in Volunteers
    • "Sing Team"- volunteers that lead the kids' classes in song at the beginning of service
  • YOUTH MINISTRY: We are currently in the formation stage of creating a youth ministry! More info soon!
  • BENEVOLENCE TEAM: Care for the physical and financial needs of our community and church family as we are made aware of them. 
  • SCRIPTORIUM: A talented team of calligraphers who collaborate with us on projects throughout the year