Welcome to The Painted Door.


We are a Liturgy-driven church that comes together each week to thrive in His body.

Sunday gatherings are centered around a high-church expression in a casual, low-church environment. Every week, our Liturgy Team writes unique communal prayers that the church body reads aloud together, and theologically driven preaching and thoughtful congregational music prelude a weekly sharing of the Lord’s Supper, a time for communion that everyone is welcome to join.

Child care and children’s church are open to anyone ages 0-11, and the Youth Cohort sit together in church to listen to the sermon and discuss the teachings with their Youth Cohort leaders.


Get to know our Leaders

Information on our elders, staff, and community care leaders.

Sermon Recordings

Recordings of past sermons to understand our message better.

The Painted Door Catechism

For all you absolute nerds, a full theological rundown of our beliefs in the traditional style.